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Latest Projects

Fleshing out personas and a customer journey map, and creating a new inbound lead-gen strategy.

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"QR Codes? Dead? Let's See..." Implementing a QR code on a mall kiosk ad.

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A quick snapshot of my essential skills and experience. My verbal selfie.

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My Latest Projects

Personas and Customer Journey/Experience Map

Fleshing out personas and creating a customer journey/experience map inclusive of admissions, student affairs and alumni relations/advancement. The map will include touchpoints from initial discovery and inquiry, through enrollment, and culminating in alumni relations. Goals are to create a consistent brand experience, to offer more opportunities for optimized brand engagement leading to qualified applications, and ultimately to increase donations from future alumni.

New Inbound Lead-Gen Strategy

Creating an inbound lead-gen strategy for graduate degree programs. The plan will include digital marketing/advertising to drive inbound traffic, updated website content for prospect engagement, and a new lead capture component on the website.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

woman browsing on phoneAwareness

Being where your potential customers are at. Being seen in multiple channels, on an ongoing basis, providing multiple touch points.


Providing content that will intrigue your prospects, and offer a solution to a problem.

person shopping onlineAction

Compel your prospects to click through, and then to investigate and discover. Offer your prospects a journey of discovery that will lead them to convert.


Landing pages that are clean and compelling, and offer a clear call to action for meaningful engagement with your brand.

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Content Development and Marketing

reading content on smartphoneGood content lies at the heart of any effective online marketing strategy.

Content that is optimized for the channel or platform through which it is published and distributed.

Content that interests, intrigues, edifies, or even simply amuses – and then leads the customer on a journey of discovery toward the ultimate goal of conversion.

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Social Media

connecting on smartphoneSocial Media can be a user's first experience with your brand. But the space is crowded, so the stakes are high for creating and publishing content that engages.

Social media is not a panacea, but it can be a powerful tool for building awareness, providing multiple touch points, and generating inbound traffic to website landing pages.

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Search Engine Optimization

standing out from the restThe days of mere SEO tactics are gone forever.

SEO must now be part of a larger online strategy, intertwined with considerations such as user experience and content quality, and indicators of user engagement such as time on page, return visits and bounce rate.

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About Mepic of brian tibbs

I'm a pleasantly relentless marketer who leverages new and traditional media to further brand awareness, and to "drive people to the website" for further exploration, brand engagement and conversion.

I bring experience with digital and print, as well as events, press and other forms of marketing communication.

I love opera and rock, Bergman and the Zucker Brothers, fine wine and lite beer.

And, I have a deep appreciation for a good old-fashioned ghost story.

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