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Social Media for Small Business: A Pragmatic Approach

small business pragmatismA recent survey conducted by Inc. Magazine and Vocus (maker of marketing software) showed that social media is the #2 most used marketing tactic for small businesses, second only to websites. The survey also showed that social media marketing holds the #2 spot for being considered most effective by small business marketers.

According to another recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, 86% of SMB marketers indicated that social media is important for their businesses in 2013.

And, yet a third recent survey, conducted by email marketing giant Constant Contact, showed that since 2008 there has been a nearly 800% increase in the use of social media by small businesses.
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Instagram Video versus Vine: How much difference can 9 seconds make?

Video on InstagramThis past Friday, Instagram rolled out their rumored video feature, in what seems a pretty clear swipe at Vine. For it’s video debut, Instagram has added a few features that Vine lacks – notably filters, image stabilization and a 15 second time limit – that should make internet marketers pleased as Christmas punch…in July. (Yeah, that didn’t work.)
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Content Marketing in the Mobile Information Feed

content in the knowledge graphWhile not really a new idea, content marketing has become one of the newer buzzwords in marketing. It is often positioned as a remedy to traditional SEO tactics that are now discouraged (if not punished) by the search engines, and it has become a pillar of internet marketing. But, the digital world is rapidly changing, and content marketers will need not only to keep up, but adapt.

Specifically, the changes I’m referring to are the rapid evolution and convergence of search, social and mobile, especially as implemented in technologies such as Google Now and Siri. In the title of the post I’ve referred to this as the “mobile information feed,” which is not a proper technical term, but nevertheless “nutshells” the phenomenon.   Continue reading the article »

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media: Beware of Internet Marketing Snake Oil

internet marketing snake oilInternet marketing miracle! Drives traffic to your website! Gets likes, shares, retweets, and pins! Goes viral! Generates leads and generates conversions! Increases revenues! Mows the lawn, washes the car, changes the baby and predicts the weather!

What am I talkin’ ’bout?  SEO!

Let’s say it again: Content Marketing!

One more time: Social Media!

OK.  I’ll remove my tongue from my cheek, and here I will go on record as saying that I am both a fervent believer in and avid practitioner of content, social media and SEO.  Nothing that I’ll say in this article is intended to slander or impugn the qualities of these upstanding citizens of the internet marketing community.   Continue reading the article »