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Building A Content Ecosystem to Facilitate the Customer Journey

golden path toward conversion

Content, content, content. It’s all about content, right? It sometimes seems like that’s all we hear about or talk about in digital marketing.

Well, yes, it is all about content. For most brands, much (if not most) of that content will reside on their website. But, even if you have tons of content – tons of golden content – it still may not accomplish what it needs to.

What does your content need to accomplish? It needs to create prospects, and then turn those prospects into customers. It needs to facilitate their customer journey toward the ultimate goal of conversion.

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Content Marketing Means Marketing Your Content

Publish and pray, fingers crossed

You’ve heard the saying "publish and pray"? Basically, it’s an admonishment to brands who produce content, publish it on their website, and then sit back and hope for results.

Unfortunately, "build it and they will come" only works for Apple or Nike. Content marketing for the rest of us requires additional effort.

Lately, I’ve been on a roll writing marketing case studies, and this post will be no exception. In this article I present a content marketing strategy that achieved results only because the content itself was actively marketed. This marketing strategy was executed for a career center that served job seekers in a particular Illinois county. And the content in question were jobs that were posted on the organization’s home-grown jobs board.

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Content Marketing Strategy for a Non-Profit: A Case Study

questions about content marketingContent marketing success stories get loudly trumpeted, and rightly so, yet many (most?) marketers have something of a love-hate relationship with content marketing. The evolution of content marketing appears to be an ongoing struggle for online marketers, especially on these two fronts:

  1. identifying and producing content that will engage prospective customers and,
  2. measuring the effectiveness of your content strategy.

Marketers for non-profit organizations are no exception. A recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute demonstrates the difficulties that non-profit marketers are experiencing with content marketing.

With the hope of assisting other marketers in developing their own content strategy, here is a case study of a content marketing strategy executed for a non-profit organization.
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New Twitter Features Will Raise the Bar for Content Quality

twitter-wants-you-backIn the realm of social media, Twitter’s unique value proposition has always been it’s real-time quality. Because of this, Twitter became a platform of choice for breaking news in journalism, and it probably also gave birth to real time marketing (for better and/or worse). In the Twitterverse, time has been of the essence.

However, Twitter recently announced a number of planned changes and upgrades that will change the nature of users’ experience on the platform. These features are intended to attract new users and boost engagement with logged-out users. Among these planned changes are native video uploads and an upgrade to direct messaging.
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Social Media for Small Business: A Pragmatic Approach

small business pragmatismA recent survey conducted by Inc. Magazine and Vocus (maker of marketing software) showed that social media is the #2 most used marketing tactic for small businesses, second only to websites. The survey also showed that social media marketing holds the #2 spot for being considered most effective by small business marketers.

According to another recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, 86% of SMB marketers indicated that social media is important for their businesses in 2013.

And, yet a third recent survey, conducted by email marketing giant Constant Contact, showed that since 2008 there has been a nearly 800% increase in the use of social media by small businesses.
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SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media: Beware of Internet Marketing Snake Oil

internet marketing snake oilInternet marketing miracle! Drives traffic to your website! Gets likes, shares, retweets, and pins! Goes viral! Generates leads and generates conversions! Increases revenues! Mows the lawn, washes the car, changes the baby and predicts the weather!

What am I talkin’ ’bout?  SEO!

Let’s say it again: Content Marketing!

One more time: Social Media!

OK.  I’ll remove my tongue from my cheek, and here I will go on record as saying that I am both a fervent believer in and avid practitioner of content, social media and SEO.  Nothing that I’ll say in this article is intended to slander or impugn the qualities of these upstanding citizens of the internet marketing community.   Continue reading the article »

Klout Gets Inside Bing: Kling? Blout? Bling?

By now, it is not news that Klout Expert posts are going to start showing up at the top of Bing search results.Yoda's Klout Expert score

The Bing-Klout partnership began in September of 2012, with Microsoft promising at the time that this was only the beginning. Apparently, they meant it. Now, posts from Klout Experts will begin to appear at the top of Bing search results.   Continue reading the article »

Alas, Poor SEO! I Knew Him, HoratEO…

Alas, poor Seorick!“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!” -Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1

Recently, there have been number of articles and even a couple videos on the web that have directly addressed what many in the industry have known for a while. No, not that SEO is dead. Because it isn’t. On the other hand, if you’ve seen SEO you know it’s not looking so great. But, not dead.   Continue reading the article »

New Google Tool: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

Google has rolled out a new tool that aims to provide insight into how customers make their journey from initial awareness to making a purchase. They’ve pulled data from 36,000 Google Analytics accounts (that authorized sharing), and the data includes millions of purchases across 11 industries in 7 countries.

One of the most interesting aspects of this tool (for me, anyway) is the interactive timeline showing how different marketing channels participate in this customer journey, viewable for different industries in different countries.   Continue reading the article »

Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits: Introduction

This post is the first in a series which aims to clarify principles of inbound marketing especially for nonprofit organizations.

coin going into slotWhen you get right down to it, most nonprofits operate under conditions very similar to most small businesses: limited staff, limited resources, but big plans. And, depending on how limited your staff and resources are, the effectiveness of your website may become quite important for the mission of your nonprofit organization.

What do I mean by the effectiveness of your website? The same thing I would mean if I were talking about a small business: lead generation and conversion.   Continue reading the article »